decal mirror finish A4 (210x297mm)





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decal mirror finish A4 (210x297mm)

—— Just by pasting it, you can create a [mirror] -like expression with little distortion.

――By depositing metal on a film that has a thickness and elasticity that does not impair the sense of scale, the sheet is finished so that it can be applied smoothly without being affected by the unevenness of the construction surface.

--Plating expressions on flat surfaces such as car model mirrors, plating moldings, window frames and pillars.
――The shine is improved as a reflector of clear parts.

――Please use it for the part where you want to give a smooth mirror surface and a plating feeling with less distortion, such as finishing the character model to a mirror surface.

Manufacturer Hasegawa
EAN IC41176
Units per pack Unit
Packaging height 0,00 cm
Packaging width 0,00 cm
Packaging length 0,00 cm