Kit 1/72 Mitsubishi F-2A Kai

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Kit 1/72 Mitsubishi F-2A Kai

The Mitsubishi F-2 is a new-generation fighter aircraft manufactured by the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and the American company Lockheed Martin for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force with a 60/40 production split between Japan and the United States. . It is based on the Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon and 94 aircraft were contracted. Its production began in 1996 and it entered service in the year 2000.

Differences of the F-2 with respect to the F-16:

    -25% more wing area.

    -Use of composite materials to reduce the overall weight and electromagnetic signature of the radar.

    -A longer and wider nose to accommodate a "phased-array" type radar.

    -Larger landing gear.

    -Larger horizontal stabilizer.

    -Larger air intake.

    -On-board computers, attack systems and other avionics developed by NEC and Kokusai Electric.

    -Potential Stealth capabilities for stealth combat missions

    -3 piece cockpit canopy.

    -Capacity for four ASW, ASM-1 or ASM-2 missiles, four AAMs, additional fuel tanks.

Additionally, the F-2 is equipped with a drag parachute, just like the NATO version of the F-16.

General characteristics

    -Crew: 1 pilot (2 in the F-2B training version) (the only one to have an autopilot)

    -Length: 15.52m

    -Wingspan: 11.13m

    -Height: 4.69m

    -Wing area: 34.84 m2 Empty weight: 9,527 kg

    -Loaded weight: 15,000 kg

    -Maximum Operating Speed ​​(Vno): Mach 2.0

    -Range: 834 km (450 nmi; 518 mi) configured for anti-ship mission

    -Flight ceiling: 17,983 m (58,999 ft)

    -Wing loading: 430 kg/m² with a weight of 15,000 kg

    -Thrust/Weight: 0.89

    -Mitsubishi AAM-4 air-to-air missile.


    -Guns: 1× JM61A1 20mm caliber

    -Bombs: Various types of free fall bombs with GCS-1 IIR guide heads, JDAM smart bombs.


Air-to-air missiles: AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-7 Sparrow, Mitsubishi AAM-3, Mitsubishi AAM-4.

Air-to-surface missiles: ASM-1 and ASM-2 anti-ship missiles.


    -Mitsubishi J/APG-1 AESA radar system

We highlight from the kit the possibility that the dome can be assembled open or closed, which is made up of 3 glass parts.

It contains enough weapons for air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.

The front and rear landing gears also have the possibility of being closed or open, with their corresponding parts for this option.

The decal sheet gives us the possibility of representing a single decoration with deep sea camouflage of the Japanese Army A.D.T.W. J.A.S.D.F. GIFU Air Base.

This time it does not contain figures.

Length: 209mm

Wingspan: 156mm

Contains 134 pieces.

Manufacturer Hasegawa
EAN IC39543
Units per pack Unit
Packaging height 0,00 cm
Packaging width 0,00 cm
Packaging length 0,00 cm