Kit 1/35 GB Tank Comet A34

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Kit 1/35 GB Tank Comet A34
At the end of WWII, the British army developed the Comet tank, which became a base for later tanks such as the Centurion, to oppose the powerful German Tiger and Panther tanks. With the hull design based on the Cromwell's structure, the Comet employed a larger turret with a 17-pound barrel. It entered service in Operation Varsity in March 1945 and about 900 were built after WWII. The kit faithfully reproduces the model with remarkable details. Includes two torso figures with winter clothes and decal for two markings (11th Armored Division) operating during WWII.
Manufacturer Tamiya
EAN IC39199
Units per pack Unit
Packaging height 0,00 cm
Packaging width 0,00 cm
Packaging length 0,00 cm