Kit 1/24 Bmw 320i E46 Touring Macau 2001 Winner

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Kit 1/24 Bmw 320i E46 Touring Macau 2001 Winner
-Item Size/Weight : 32.5 x 21.5 x 6.7 cm / 446g

What is Macau Guia Race?

The TCR Asia Challenge, previously Guia Race of Macau and WTCC Guia Race of Macau, is an international touring car race, and currently a round of the World Touring Car Cup. It is held on the temporary 6.2 km Guia Circuit on the streets of Macau, the Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China as part of the Macau Grand Prix weekend. Before 2005 when the World Touring Car Championship began, the Guia race had been run annually as a one-off international touring car race.

Car introduction

BMW 320i E46 Macau Guia Race 2001 Winner

BMW's flagship machine that was active from the 1990s to the 2000s, which boasts a history of many glorious glory in touring car racing, is the codename E46 model.

Developed based on the 4th generation BMW 3 Series that appeared in 1999, entrusted to many teams participating in touring car races around the world.

While demonstrating its ability in touring car races around the world, it also participates in the Macau Gear Race, one of the world's leading touring car races, held once a year on a special course that is closed to Macau's public roads.

In 2001, the BMW 320iE46 driven by Duncan Huismann of the Netherlands won the race where the machines and drivers active in the world's touring car races gathered.

1. The designer continues the production concepts of The company original files.

2. The assembly of BMW 320 E46 is ready to assemble precision model

3. It is used all plastic components.

4. Decals includes all details from the car. (not need additional Grade up sets for decoration).

5. Replicate with Accuracy all fenders wings and toe hocks used in the racetracks

6. Highly detail chasis with all exhaust system 

7. The BMW 320 E46 have a long and successful racing activities worldwide. Makes it a must for all motorsport enthusiast modellers.

8. Rubber racing tyres replicas

9. Seatbelts in fibre.

10. Detailed low profile hubs and canver detaisl on the front axle.

11. PE grade up parts including replacement in metal for anthenas, seatbelts fixing, front, metal wing profiles are available separately as EX24041 or any other BMW 320 E46  PE grade up set is also valid. 

12. This is limited edition unit, meaning that once stocks are finished will not be remade.

Manufacturer Nunu Models
EAN 4545782084658
Units per pack Unit
Packaging height 6,00 cm
Packaging width 21,00 cm
Packaging length 32,00 cm