Kit 1/35 Tank T72M1 Limited Edition

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Kit 1/35 Tank T72M1 Limited Edition
Modern Russian tanks are well known for superb mobility and a low, distinctive silhouette, offering the smallest possible target on the battlefield.
In the late 1960s, the highly sophisticated T64 tank was produced to replace the Soviet main T62 battle tank. The T64 had the advanced feature of automatic gun loading, which eliminated the need for a magazine, reducing the crew from four men to three. The T-64 tank; however, it proved unreliable due to its complicated mechanics, and this led to the development of the T72 tank. The T72, despite its close external resemblance to the T-64, was created in an attempt to simplify the overall design; improve its maintenance capacity; and also to increase productivity. The refined 125mm Type 2A46 cannon with its automatic loading system is capable of firing high-explosive or hollow-loaded, armor-piercing ammunition. The power unit is a type V-46, V-12 cylinder, multi-fuel engine. The standard production designated T72M1 uses a reinforced front armor and incorporates a laser rangefinder. This versatile tank, which entered service in the early 1970s, has been in production for many years and was produced under license in many of the Warsaw Pact countries. Even during the 1980s, when a new T80 main tank was introduced to replace the old T-64, the T-72 series continued to be the hub of the Russian military.
The kit allows the faithful reproduction of the chariot with countless details, produced in a limited edition.
Manufacturer Tamiya
EAN IC37277
Units per pack Unit
Packaging height 0,00 cm
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